Life is all about CHOICES

It all started with a prayer and then God hit me with an answer via Facebook.  Nowadays, it seems to be the most frequent venue where God answers me… maybe because I spend so much time there… (but that’s another discussion altogether). 

I was feeling quite stressed out with my Mom yesterday because of the usual stuff… she’s throwing a temper tantrum about something… again! And she either ignores or rails at all well meaning attempts at convincing her to eat healthier.  As I was saying my prayers that night, I remember telling God that I love my Mom but I hope that He will show her the way so that she’d be more positive in the way she deals with us and herself.

Today, as I was browsing through FB, I came upon this blog “Choosing What Matters When Life Overwhelms“.  It’s a blog about motherhood, which I should not be able to relate to at all.  But being a compulsive reader, I read the entire article anyway and realized that the post was less about motherhood and more about CHOICES.  It’s about making choices in your life that makes the most difference to the people you LOVE and here are a couple of my “AHA” moments:

I can choose to be patient and kind instead of equally angry when my Mom throws a temper tantrum.

I can choose to appreciate the moments I spend pushing my Mom around in her wheelchair as we laugh, talk, shop and EAT,  instead of stressing about the hassle of getting a taxi or about the annoying long wait for the elevator at the malls.

I can choose to sleep beside her during those few times that she asks me to and keep her company, instead of always defaulting to the familiar comfort of my room and bed.

I can choose to really listen to her chatter and her old stories (even though I heard them 100 times already),  instead of obsessively thinking about work or imagining myself somewhere else.

I can choose to tell her I love her instead of harping on where she went wrong or on how she’s stressing me out. 

I can choose to remember the numerous moments that she showed me that she loves me and that I am the center of her world rather than the moments when she hurt me.

Most of all, I can choose to thank God that I have a Mom to love and care for instead of feeling sorry for myself.

All through my growing up years, I always wished that my Mom would realize that just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they do not love you with all that they have…. I think the Lord just showed me that I did not realize it either… Thank you Lord, for showing me the way! 

Mom and I


The Glory of Winning

“Soldiers generally win battles; generals get credit for them” – Napoleon Bonaparte

This is a bitter pill to swallow for a person with a strongly held belief that people should only be recognized for actually doing something and that recognizing people who did not do anything but just exist and hold a position, is rewarding bad behavior.

However, after working for 3 companies for a while, I have been a witness to how true the above quote is.  I posted the above status in Facebook yesterday to remind myself of this fact all the while hoping that I get the “serenity to accept things I cannot change”.

At the end of the day, there are really two kinds of people in the workplace: those who work and those who take the credit.  I keep reminding myself that  I would always want to be in the first group; there is less competition there and I get to keep my self respect. 🙂

The above quote may have unintentionally struck a chord for some people.  It did for me because it keeps me realistic; it reminds me of the realities of life.  It’s no use railing against this fact and after thinking about it, it’s not important enough that I would want to take the lead in changing this “institution”.  As they say, “pick your battles!” If people get their pleasure out of receiving accolades regardless of how it came about, then good for them!  As I always say, to each his/her own.  Live and let live.  No one owes anyone an explanation. 🙂