Be the Sea of Galilee

Something to really think about…

Seth Adam Smith

The Middle East contains a number of significant landmarks and yet it also contains two bodies of water which, I think, offer profound guidance on how to live life. The name of these two bodies of water are: the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point of elevation on land and its water is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. In fact, its very salinity creates such a harsh environment that it cannot support life.

The Sea of Galilee The Sea of Galilee

In contrast, the Sea of Galilee (just north of the Dead Sea) is the largest freshwater lake in Israel and provides water for plants, animals, and even countries.

Now both of these lakes are geographically similar (only 65 miles/105 km apart) and they’re both exceptionally low in elevation. So how are these two lakes so different?

Well, there are a number of factors that contribute to their differences, but the most startling one is this: the Sea of…

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Japan Bucket List II: 8 places you need to visit to really understand Japan


We at RocketNews24 believe that to truly understand a country’s people you need to know something about their history and where they came from. So following last week’s popular Japan Bucket List: Things you need to do to really understand Japan, this week we offer you eight places that contributed greatly to the development of Japan, its culture, and people.

Get ready to take your understanding of the Japanese people a step further with eight historical places that have helped shaped them into the people they are today. Let’s go!

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The Good Friday homily that melted my heart


Below is the homily that Fr. Arnel Aquino, S.J. gave today at the Gesu for Good Friday.

I didn’t get to hear this in person. I only stumbled on this when my friend, Harvey Parafina, posted pictures of the sheets of paper it was printed on. I was very moved by the words that I immediately had to type them out. I can only imagine how much more moving this would have been to have heard this in person.

Thank you very much for sharing this online, Harvey. It’s exactly what this time for reflection is all about and what I needed to hear on a night like this.


A Good Friday Homily by Fr. Arnel Aquino, S.J.

A couple of months ago, ISIS took a video as they incinerated a Jordanian pilot in a cage. My friends said the internet was awash with the footage, but I resisted the temptation of…

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5 Ways Filipinos Insulted the Pope in his Visit

Super agree with this…. Especially #2. The Pope shared a lot of good teachings about social justice, compassion and humility but listening to the media and the people they interviewed, all they seem to get is that the Pope is for the poor AND he has charisma?!!!

novam vitam a viginti octo

1. Insulted the Church face-to-face

Imagine you have a guest, one who is beloved by your housemates. As a way of greeting him, you say to him: “Hey, your children suck”. See anything wrong with it? If yes, congratulations, you are normal. If not, congratulations, you are Presidential material. At least you know how a President should treat a guest of honor such as the Pope.

We thought it wasn’t too much to ask that Noynoy Aquino not follow his standard speech template of 1) blame the past administration 2) glorify my family legacy 3) anyone who criticizes me is irrational for welcoming the Pontiff. But we were DEAD WRONG.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here)

2. Media ‘dumbed down’ the Pope…

Do you know why Pope Francis is super popular, even compared to previous Popes? Well if you ask Philippine media (particularly TV and…

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KIDZANIA to open at Manila in 2014!!

KIDZANIA to open at Manila in 2014!!.

Life is all about CHOICES

It all started with a prayer and then God hit me with an answer via Facebook.  Nowadays, it seems to be the most frequent venue where God answers me… maybe because I spend so much time there… (but that’s another discussion altogether). 

I was feeling quite stressed out with my Mom yesterday because of the usual stuff… she’s throwing a temper tantrum about something… again! And she either ignores or rails at all well meaning attempts at convincing her to eat healthier.  As I was saying my prayers that night, I remember telling God that I love my Mom but I hope that He will show her the way so that she’d be more positive in the way she deals with us and herself.

Today, as I was browsing through FB, I came upon this blog “Choosing What Matters When Life Overwhelms“.  It’s a blog about motherhood, which I should not be able to relate to at all.  But being a compulsive reader, I read the entire article anyway and realized that the post was less about motherhood and more about CHOICES.  It’s about making choices in your life that makes the most difference to the people you LOVE and here are a couple of my “AHA” moments:

I can choose to be patient and kind instead of equally angry when my Mom throws a temper tantrum.

I can choose to appreciate the moments I spend pushing my Mom around in her wheelchair as we laugh, talk, shop and EAT,  instead of stressing about the hassle of getting a taxi or about the annoying long wait for the elevator at the malls.

I can choose to sleep beside her during those few times that she asks me to and keep her company, instead of always defaulting to the familiar comfort of my room and bed.

I can choose to really listen to her chatter and her old stories (even though I heard them 100 times already),  instead of obsessively thinking about work or imagining myself somewhere else.

I can choose to tell her I love her instead of harping on where she went wrong or on how she’s stressing me out. 

I can choose to remember the numerous moments that she showed me that she loves me and that I am the center of her world rather than the moments when she hurt me.

Most of all, I can choose to thank God that I have a Mom to love and care for instead of feeling sorry for myself.

All through my growing up years, I always wished that my Mom would realize that just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they do not love you with all that they have…. I think the Lord just showed me that I did not realize it either… Thank you Lord, for showing me the way! 

Mom and I

“Dress for the Job You Want”

I’ve heard the saying “Dress for the Job You Want” so many times that it’s one of those things that you believe at the back of your mind is true… like “time is gold” or “shoot for the moon”.

Net, I’m not aiming to disprove this concept.  I’m just referencing this to illustrate that HOW a message is conveyed has a huge impact on people’s acceptance of an idea.

Everything started when HR brought everyone together for a powow.  Even now, I still don’t know if there is more to the meeting than just reminders that could have just been sent via e-mail… But one of the key messages during the session was “Dressing for the Job You Want” and this ended up bothering me somehow.  Not because there’s anything wrong with this concept, but because of the supporting statements made by HR and some LT members to justify this which are:

1.  The VPs in the company are spending their time worrying about what people wear.  After going on and on about how he’s talked to many people in higher management and thus wanted to share what’s important to these people for our learning, HR shared that #1 priority is to meet commitment (agree) and #2 is that people should dress well (it must be important coz it’s the 2nd priority… I would think though that after talking to all those high management people, he’d know not to setup a meeting without sending an agenda…oh well…).  Apparently, it’s a “pet peeve” for many high management people when their subordinates dress sloppily.  This made me worry about the future of the company because at the rate that we are paying these VPs, their time is actually spent worrying about what people wear.  That’s a shameful waste of company resources.

2.  Some people’s style of dressing is comparable to BPOs or call centers agents.  Someone mentioned that other VPs compared their people’s fashion style to the folks working in the BPO industry.  When I asked what’s wrong with the BPO (aside from the appalling tendency to blow smoke at my face whenever I pass by..), the answer was “Well, we don’t work for the BPO industry, right?”.  The sheer arrogance that made certain people believe that we are better than others just because we work in a certain company or industry is amazing…  Pride goes before a fall…. 

3.  You accept and adjust to the fact that most people are shallow and will only take you seriously when you dress well…  There is also a statement made that dressing well means that you’ve overcome the first barrier of establishing credibility so that you can focus on just delivering.  That does make sense but what’s sad is that instead of leading the way to a new century of seeing beyond a person’s outward appearance, we pander to that shallow ideology of jumping to conclusion that a person has no substance unless he or she looks good.

Honestly, it would have been a fairly simple discussion had egos not come into play,  The above concept is actually fairly simple and there was no need to bring in the VPs and the call center industry and whatnot.  

Dressing for the Job You Want is all about professionalism.  Coming to work in your pajamas or gym clothes is not acceptable because you are not going to bed or working out.  Putting thought into what you wear is part of the preparation process for work.  You prepare for things that matter.  When you show people that you care enough to prepare for your work, people will then also care about it.  That’s it.  Image


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